of red, white and black

“they have always loved their country, but now with Mubarak gone, it becomes less painful, more bearable”


harini 1st day keluar jauh skit dari rumah. carrefour, syari’ fauzi mu’az (bukan syari’ fuad zaki ye! ust fuad, maaf kami tertukar nama enta dgn syari’ yg famous ni) pegi bank, pegi asrama MARA, then balik rumah naik tram. along the way, the most notable thing that has changed: red, white and black colors everywhere, be it in stripes or any combination of colored shapes. tanda cinta rakyat mesir kepada negara mereka, probably also what sparked the revolution and driven it to triumph.

egypt, the land that has taught me of sacrifices, love, of friendship, brotherhood; of life. couldn’t help feeling that i will one day return here, with clearer visions, different goals and something new to achieve. i think i find a… liking to this country…


p/s: keluar td pakai jersi adidas yg tempah ngn pai dulu. purely coincidental, the shirt has all the 3 colors of the egyptian flag: black, white and red. currently my favourite t-shirt


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