Belia Benci ZIONISM

Stop Zionism


all the words i can come up now to describe my feelings right now towards those zionists.

the story: Israel Attacks Gaza Aid Fleet

but this is not just any kind of HATE, it is a HATE that demands ACTIONS. it is not the time to feel weak or helpless. it is time to be the CHANGE.

let our actions speak for ourselves:

PEDULI (palestinkini, viva palestina dan byk lg sumber yg blh dipercayai…)

ANJUR & SOKONG program palestin

INFAQ (Aman Palestin, Viva Palestina, Haluan Palestin dan byk lg…)


DOA (Arabic & translation)

SEBAR (at least just send the links)

May Allah help our brothers and sisters there.

and more importantly, may Allah make us all constantly aware and caring for our brothers and sisters all over the world.


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